Inherently human services in an increasingly digital world

Augmentive is an AI-driven ecosystem for practitioners who specialise in the key interconnected areas that impact mental health and performance.

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About Us

First and foremost Augmentive is a community of quality practitioners who specialise in the key areas that affect mental health and performance.

We’re building a vibrant community of professionals and doing our best to support collaboration and innovation.

We automate the many mundane and repetitive tasks that distract practitioners from doing what they do best, supporting their clients.

Our platform augments practitioners with simple, attractive and powerful technology, enabling them to find and work with clients in increasingly effective ways.

Based on feedback from the excellent practitioners who are working through the platform, we are constantly building new tools and technology that allows the whole community to support their clients in new and innovative ways.

Having a wide range of quality support creates a powerful network effect which makes it easier for us to drive interest and ultimately traffic to the featured practitioners and their services.

Simple filtering system supercharged by Artificial Intelligence to help clients find the most appropriate practitioners and support.

What we can offer

Our platform has a number of features to increase your efficiency and ultimately profitability.

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  • Create a profile in a community of practitioners and clients.
  • Manage your time through our availability feature.
  • Offer 1-to-1 or group sessions.
  • Seamlessly schedule sessions as a video call or in- person.
  • Host your video calls within the platform.
  • Automated payment & accounting in multiple currencies.
  • Connect easily with clients in different time-zones.
  • Send your clients assessments through the platform.
  • Connect with your clients through instant messaging.
  • Take control over rescheduling and cancellation of appointments.
  • 24/7 dedicated help and support team.
  • Attract new clients from the platform’s discovery pages.

It is completely free to join the platform.

3.95% fee per booking.

We take huge pride in how easy our platform is to use. That being said, we do offer free training when you join to help each practitioner get the most out of their new system.

Our easy-to-use system handles the mundane and time-consuming tasks that reduce the time you spend focusing on your clients.

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Our platform

Our platform is connecting the community of practitioners with:

What our users think

Reviews from our existing clients and specialists.

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We’re carefully processing applications to maintain the integrity of the platform and maintain the quality of the service. If you’d like to know more about joining, please leave your details below.