How to get started


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Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your Augmentive membership at any time. It’s a small world and we have no interest in trapping our partners in contracts.
If you have a basic (free) membership, you can also terminate your account when you would like. If you have a pro membership, all changes requested will take place at the end of the subscription term.
If you need any help closing your account, please contact a member of our team on Intercom. Any feedback you can share would be greatly appreciated.

What’s the best plan for me?

We want to provide a really strong range of support for our clients and to give practitioners the chance to try the software at the lowest possible cost. That’s why we allow clients and practitioners to sign up for free. That being said, while some practitioners want to use the platform purely to grow their private practice, others are looking to use it to manage it as well. That is why we created two separate plans:

The Basic Plan - This is designed for practitioners who are simply looking to increase their discoverability and pick up new clients without having to pay to be on directories or spend large amounts of time and money on marketing.

The Pro Plan - This is designed for practitioners who are also looking for a more efficient, professional and secure environment to manage their private practice. Some practitioners test the platform out with one or two clients on the Basic Plan before transferring across to the Pro Plan and migrating more clients onto the platform. This plan is also ideal for independent professionals who would like to be involved in the community, both in terms of collaboration and referrals.

How long does it take to set up my profile?

It tends to take less than 5 minutes to create your account and then around 10 minutes to add your profile picture, bio and services. Often practitioners will come back and update their profiles iteratively. We’re happy to discuss how you can tweak your profile to increase engagement.