[Aug.ment] Verb
To make something larger or fuller by adding something to it


[Aug.ment] Verb
To make something larger or fuller by adding something to it

What’s our story?

Augmentive was created by Kit Norman at the end of 2019, having seen the terrible impact of poor access to mental health support. Kit was deeply frustrated at seeing friends struggle to find timely and relevant support. The team apply their wide range of skills to remove the many barriers to support.

Our approach

We’re augmenting high human intelligence with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and automation to build the future of mental health care.


We believe that the human element in both mental health care and business is critical and irreplacable. Our technology is driven by customer feedback while our holistic service is designed to provide support that’s closely tailored to each individual


Given the personal nature of mental health, we value privacy and integrity very highly. Our customers are always the stars of the show. Our role is to support them by providing an increasingly effective platform through which they can flourish.


As a team, we’re deeply passionate about solving the problems that have made it so difficult to access mental health support. We aim to quietly and consistently deliver substantial, not superficial value to our customers. Authenticity is key.

A few numbers

Here’s some data on the impact we’ve had so far.

Stronger connections

Our software makes it easy for a wide range of mental health professionals to manage their private practices. These digital practices are connected to an online platform where clients can directly access support.

Our team

Meet the minds behind Augmentive.

In good company

We’re proud to have collaborated with some fantastic companies

Recommendation Feed

Take a look at recent recommendations made by clients who accessed support from private specialists via Augmentive.

Are you a qualified professional?

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Where are we?

We started our mission near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and continue to work from there. We also work flexibly from our headquarters in London. Our team members have the ability to work remotely from across the UK as we look to create an environment where each person feels comfortable working in the way that gets the best out of themselves.