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The healing nature of a quality relationship with a close friend or loved one lies at the heart of self-development. That said, sometimes talking to a friend or loved one is not what we need. Sometimes we need a space simply for ourselves. Somewhere where we can be truly honest without worrying about the effect of what we say might have on others. A place where our needs unashamedly come first.  I can provide that space.

Therapy represents a place to share whatever is on your mind in a non-judgmental, honest environment. Sometimes, simply talking is a good place to start: simply feeling listened to and heard can be a form of release. In other instances, we may need to do a little more digging under the surface. I have experience with a variety of techniques to support you to find and explore the right pathway for you.  

No single form of therapy provides all the solutions. My aim is to work together with you to identify the issues affecting your life, gain an understanding of their origin and then to support you in overcoming them. Although sometimes it might be hard to accept, you are your own best self-expert. With my support you can safely explore a deeper understanding of yourself and the possibility of change. You do have the answers.

I trained as an Integrative Counsellor to enable me to draw on a range of theories so that I can provide individually tailored support which best meets each of my clients’ needs. Every person is unique. My goal is to meet you as you are and then together discover what you need to move forward. Sometimes, this can involve getting back in touch with those parts of you that are in some way “lost” and need rediscovering. Giving those parts a voice helps lead to greater self-understanding. Often, the influences of our personal history can send us in the wrong direction. Life can be traumatic and messy: what was once a helpful or necessary coping mechanism may become a hindrance in the present. Understanding how past experience has shaped you may allow you to consider the possibility of change and lead to a more content life.

Apart from my training as an Integrative Counsellor, I can offer thirty years of experience of working pastorally with adults and young people in the education sector. I am used to listening to people and helping them to develop their true potential. As we live our life, our needs change. and I can work with both young people and adults to help them explore and achieve constructive change. 

Although not exhaustive, the sort of work we can consider is as follows: 

  • Existential - values and life choices better enabling us to adapt to and live with the chaotic nature of life

  • Parts work - to explore the different aspects of our personality and move towards working as a whole  

  • Communication - how to understand what we really want from life, what others want and then how best to share

and meet these needs 

  • Lifescripts - explore why we tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over, and how we can change these


  • Psychoeducation - I can share findings from research that might help you to gain greater self-understanding.  

You have already made the first, most difficult step in even considering therapy and I offer you my support in taking it further. During our first session we can start to explore what brought you to this point and discover whether we are a good match to work through this together. This will be your therapy and you will decide where it will go. I wish you well in your life and offer you my support. 


  • Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling (Iron Mill College)




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Newport, United Kingdom

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