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“The Fates lead the willing, but drag the unwilling."

Like many people, my therapeutic journey began with a lot of doubt, skepticism and confusion. It was a scary and difficult step to begin with, but having made it, it continues to be rewarding in ways I could never have imagined. Personal experience, a love of nature and an earlier career as a community gardener, taught me that the challenges, problems and crises of life are in fact the starting points for new opportunities and growth.


I believe that in the depths of despair we can find the seeds of a new and unexpected strength. From a place of loving regard and an attitude of active acceptance, genuine creativity and change may begin.

It is my belief, that your own ‘will’, that which aims towards health and well-being, is the source of all that is healing in psychotherapy.

My aim is to guide you towards your own ability to respond, both to the wounds you have experienced in the past and to the present day problems you face. This is a starting place of optimism – one where the extent of your struggles is fully empathised with and accounted for, but where, in spite of your pain and fear, you strive towards who you want to be in relation to others. To make sense of your experiences, to learn new skills, develop greater courage, to recognise your blind-spots and accept who you are. 


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London, UK





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