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The nerdiest personal trainer you'll meet. Unashamedly.

It’s my hope to create a brand that focused on empowering individuals through neuroscience and philosophy with the tools in life to help them cope with the shit storm life can throw us.

That sudden bereavement.

That toxic break-up.

I’m not saying that lifting weights will save and change your life. Because it can’t.

Only we, as godforsaken, anxiety-laden Homo sapiens, have the capacity for that, truly.

But I'm also not going to lie and say it has a place merely for aesthetic refinement.

If done well, fitness can act as a catalyst for change in all areas of living. It’s not the sole piece of the pie in self-development, but I'll be damned if it isn’t at the very least the sprinkling of cinnamon in overall happiness and wellbeing.

With a background in sports as a competing Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, I learnt that applying the cerebral stuff practically is the only thing that creates a solid foundation to success.

Further to that, pursuing a BPS-accredited Psychology MSc, with a heavy emphasis on neuroscience, has solidified my belief that the brain is the gateway to everything.

My aim purpose is to help coach you to lead more meaningful, fulfilling lives, both on and off the gym floor.


  • MSc Psychology (& Neuroscience) (Birkbeck University)
  • Personal Training Certification (LDN Muscle)
  • Biomechanics & Anatomy (HMAC) Certification (Faster Function )
  • Sports Nutrition (LDN Muscle)


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