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Hi! I’m Silke. I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and RTT® Practitioner based in Madrid, treating clients in person & online.  

I focus on relationships. Why? Well, since I having improved the relationship I have with myself (acceptance, the way I talk to myself, seeing myself as lovable, knowing my worth), all my relationships have improved! Life has become more fun, more connected and just better. And I love to help others achieving the same.

In relationships self-esteem, confidence, lovability, communication are essential. They can either make or break relationships. Not only the one you have with yourself. It also influences the ones you have with your family, partner, children, colleagues, business etc. Anxiety and depression can affect your relationships too.

Do you feel worthy, lovable, strong, confident, resilient, secure? No? Would you like to feel all that? Would you like to improve the relationships you have with yourself and with others? Then do schedule your - free of charge - discovery session to see what I can do for you.

I feel a level of confidence in myself now that I haven’t experienced for many years

This is what Matt wrote after just 1 RTT® session. Wouldn't you love to experience the same freedom of issues you've been struggling with?

Rapid Transformational Therapy offers a fast and effective treatment that helps you deal with any issue or concern and avoid it for good. With your commitment to feel better RTT® hypnotherapy sessions will bring about the lifelong change most people seek out.

In a session, together we discover when, where, why, and how you have developed these beliefs that are so deeply rooted. I can help you understand where and why you have these beliefs by reframing your mindset, letting go for good, and freeing yourself from these issues forever.

My RTT® package consists of

* 1 x Intro coaching session to map out the transformation you are looking for - 30 mins

* 1 x Phenomenal RTT® Session - 2 hours

* 1 x Tailor-made hypnosis recording to rewire redundant, limiting beliefs and solidify new supportive ones

* 1 x Follow up session - 30 mins

* 24/7 Email support for 30 days

To find out more about RTT® & who I am, head to:


  • Certified Hypnotherapist (School of Rapid Transformational Therapy(r) by Marisa Peer)
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy(r) (RTT(r)) Practitioner (School of Rapid Transformational Therapy(r) by Marisa Peer)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Hogeschool Utrecht, The Netherlands)


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