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You have taken the brave decision to give counselling a go, but now there is the difficult decision of deciding who is the right counsellor for you. Maybe you have narrowed down your choice by looking at where each counsellor is based and what they charge. But am I, Sarah, the counsellor for you?

Of course, I cannot answer that question but I can tell you that I have worked in the field of psychology since completing my bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1986. After completing a master's in counselling psychology, I started working as a counsellor in 1997. I have completed various continuing education courses, but my most recent was a diploma in trauma completed in 2021.

My clients tell me that they find me safe and affirming, that they know I genuinely care about them. They find that I can hold them, and it is safe to be open. I have enjoyed seeing many people become more content within themselves and at peace.

Over the years I have worked with people struggling with addictions, relationship issues, low self-esteem, inner conflict, trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression. I have worked with people of religious faith and without faith. I draw from the understandings of many theories in an integrative way, with the foundational belief that ultimately the person is the best expert on themselves, and my role is primarily to hold and facilitate their progress.

I look forward to hearing from you, and working with you on your personal journey of healing.


  • MSc Counselling Psychology (University of East London)




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Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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