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Sarah Cunliffe is a Harley Street Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor & NLP Practitioner/Performance Coach with 12 years experience. 

Whether you are looking to resolve Depression, Anxiety, Shame related issues like Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, co-dependence in relationships, overworking or not feeling good enough or you want to move to the next level of performance in your career or business - you re in the right place! Clients say working alongside Sarah is life changing, progressive and they love the results.  

A safe pair of hands and the go-to person for clients who have not found success in counselling in the past with a pile of testimonials, case studies demonstrating how she works and with the ability to explain everything that she is learning about you in detail as you go along. Clients also like the free initial consultation and the pay as you go weekly commitment where there is no long term tie in where they try and see how they find it. A detailed buyers guide is available with the whole package of counselling/coaching/NLP/Book/Video/Journal and full session tools and homework available in the session price.

Clients’ feedback they appreciate her real-world experience, due diligence in learning about them, compassion, comprehensive knowledge & radical candor.  Her eye is always on getting the results clients have asked for and she uses a breadth of tools, techniques and approaches. She has a structured tried and tested process she uses to release old frozen trapped feelings in our subconcious for recovery, to understand what has happened to us in order to heal. Areas looked as well as counselling include brain trauma science and affects on how you think, your diet, sleep,exercise, mindset and life balance in the process of your recovery. She teaches how to build resilience, love and care for yourself more and achieve success. She has worked with Surgeons, Actors, Artistic Creatives, Teachers, Marketing Executives, Nurses, HR Consultants, Military professionals, Senior business executives, IT specialists, Students, Business owners, Entrepreneurs starting out, Visionary's, Millionaires and Working Mums.

She has a set of top tips for clients to avoid self-sabotage, take ownership, manage your mindset & how best to get the most out of sessions.

Sarah also draws on over 25 years of real on the ground experience within the business environment as well as over 11 years’ experience enjoying working with business owners and individual clients to achieve better business performance.  She used to be a consultant responsible for assuring the correct delivery of portfolios of projects and programmes bringing successful business change for large and small organisations across many sectors. She is now fulfilling her dream in running a successful full time clinical practice that has tripled in the last 3 years.

An author of 3 books & Self-Help videos for those suffering with Anxiety, Depression and Not Feeling Good Enough she is well informed and enjoys empowering her clients and explaining everything to them so in time they can leave counselling self aware and equipped to go forwards and flourish..

For a detailed Personal or Corporate Buyers guide with all the services she provides please contact her for a copy.

Sarah enjoys barefoot running, long distance cycling, kettlebell, travelling, a fascination with human nature and most kinds of challenge. 



  • Certified Practitioner of NLP (ABNLP) (The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Building Self Confidence (International Open Academy)
  • Certified Treating Intrusive Thoughts and The Inner Critical Voice (National Counselling Society )
  • Advanced Diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling MFETC (Adv) Dip, (The Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling)
  • Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis (ABH) (The American Board of Hypnotherapy/NLP )
  • Certified Practitioner of Timeline Therapy For Trauma & PTSD (The American Board of NLP)
  • Supervision Certificate (The Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling)
  • Gottman's Relationship Communications (International Open Academy)
  • Attachment Focussed EMDR (PESI)





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London, United Kingdom

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