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Sandeep is a leading Mental Health Advocate, Philanthropist and Public Speaker. She is the Co-director of Happy Heads, a mental health non-profit organisation focused on the ‘Balance Ball’, a visual self-empowered recovery tool - celebrating gifts and not labels.

Having lived experience of mental health issues from July 2012 and attempting to take her own life on 29 August 2014, Sandeep has since devoted her life championing and supporting individuals suffering from mental health problems. Mental health philanthropic work is Sandeep's calling sitting on Boards supporting various UK and international mental health charities, involved in many public speaking opportunities, worked on many worldwide media opportunities as well as campaigning and fundraising projects, especially in the Asian community. Sandeep’s ‘The Angel and the Devil’ documentary of her journey received worldwide recognition and featured in the IFFSA Toronto South Asian and Canberra Australian Film Festivals.

Sandeep Saib has over a decade of Marketing experience, a qualified Marketer working in various industries such as Legal, Education, Charities, Environmental Consultancy, Mobile Advertising and more.

Sandeep holds a BSc Business Management from Queen Mary University of London.



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