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Southampton, United Kingdom



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Pilates is amazing for the body, mind and soul, it can help injury rehabilitation, keep you strong through pregnancy and post-baby and helps keep your body functional and strong for life! I've a huge passion for seeing people's bodies get stronger alongside their mental health, Pilates bring this. I'm a level 3 certified Pilates teacher with extra training in pre/postnatal exercise.

I focus on the breath as being the starting point. Once you connect with this and really feel it then we add on the layers of the movement, using the core as the element that holds us together. Small movements can really work the body hard, so I aim to help you connect with this, slower is often harder in Pilates!

I'm a womans health specialist working with ladies through their pregnancy, then with postnatal rehab. As a mum to 3 my passion for this has come out of my own personal experience and that of those around me. It has led to me doing deep study in the area of pelvic floor health, c section recovery and diastasis recti. However I also work with men and teach the advanced moves too!

I work with people online or from my studio in Southampton where I also offer 1-1 reformer sessions and sports massage too.


  • Level 3 Pilates (FITT)





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Southampton, United Kingdom




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