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About Priscilla

Hello I am Priscilla, I believe that whatever it is you seek to achieve, whether it is in your personal or professional life, the first step is always to Master your Mindset. This is because the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves, our capabilities, and our potential are the first stumbling blocks that can derail us from either getting started or giving up when things get tough.”

Finally stop feeling stuck and get the clarity and confidence to achieve your goals.

I work with individuals who have high ambitions and low confidence. I hand over simple and effective tools that are evidence based and grounded in psychology which leave a lasting positive impact on my clients mindset, behaviour and outcome.

Who I can be of service to:

If you struggle with any of the following I can support you to become unstuck and cultivate the mental fortitude and lasting behaviours that will see you achieve your goals.

  1. Low self-esteem, negative self-talk, and self-doubt that undermine your confidence.
  2. Difficulty setting boundaries, saying "no," and delegating tasks.
  3. Fear of failure or success that is holding you back from taking risks and impacting your personal or career growth.
  4. Imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud despite your accomplishments.
  5. Perfectionism that leads to self-criticism and burnout.
  6. Inability to ask for help or receive and accept praise or recognition for your achievements.
  7. Difficulty speaking up and asserting yourself in professional settings.
  8. Lack of motivation, direction, or clarity in your goals and career path.
  9. Overwhelm and stress from managing multiple roles, responsibilities and competing priorities.
  10. Procrastination, difficulty making decisions, and difficulty moving on from past mistakes or failures.

How I can Support and empower you:

Through a combination of scientifically grounded techniques from the study of Positive Psychology, CBT, NLP, over 500 hundred hours of coaching experience and my own personalised coaching framework, I work with clients to grow their coping toolbox and dispel the negative beliefs, behaviours, and performance-inhibiting thoughts which make them feel stuck and unable to progress.

Each client journey is unique and dependant on the discoveries made throughout the coaching process. As a rough template these are the phases we would work through together.

  1. During phase one we will bring into focus the reason and goal of your coaching. The future you want to create and the fearless version of you that will get you there. This is the start of your Becoming.
  2. In phase two we will gently uncover the mental blockers and beliefs that have been holding you in place. Utilising CBT methods we will unpack your fear and plant the healthy habits and positive behaviours that will fuel your success.
  3. In this final phase you will learn to nurture your new positive habits and create a clear plan of action to achieve your goals and sustain your success. At this stage we can incorporate hypnotherapy to deepen the absorption of your new healthy beliefs and behaviours and heighten your success.


To find out more or book your free clarity call please visit my website at


  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (University of East London (1st Class))
  • HypnoCBT Diploma (UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy)
  • BA International Relations & Criminology (London Metropolitan University)




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Acton, United Kingdom

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