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I am passionate about supporting people to work out the patterns of behaviour they're in that causes them distress, and then to find ways out of this. My understanding is that we often build cages for ourselves to the point that there sometimes feel that there is no hope. I am uninterested in making the work longer than it needs to be: If there is an issue that you cannot see I will not hesitate to point it out. I specialise in shorter term work. I work with adults and young people who have come with lots of different issues, such as low-mood, sadness, anxiety, spiritual issues, self-harm and suicidal thoughts and intention. I work with clients from a variety of faiths, sexualities and gender.

I believed we change when we are cared for unconditionally; that whatever we reveal about ourselves, even the bits we hope no-one ever sees, we will still be cared for. I also believe that we need someone who will truly listen to us, both what we're saying and what we're not and who can see the parts of us that we cannot. We also need someone who has done the work on themselves so that they are clear what is the therapist's and what the client's. I see my job as providing that for you, so that you can change.

I sometimes use music in my therapeutic work. Sometimes I improvise music in sessions to feel and understand what may be too difficult for my client to put into words. I can also record the music and send it to the client afterwards. I believe in working with the whole of the person. Not just the mind, the feelings or the body. Music touches all these things together. Please do get in touch if you are interested. I can offer a free 15 minute consultation as a way of assessing whether we believe it will be helpful to work together.


  • Diploma in Person-Centre Psychotherapy and Counselling (Temenos Education Ltd)
  • MA Merit in Social Work (University of Sheffield)




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Sheffield, United Kingdom

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