Patrycja Chmurzynska-Rainbird
Patrycja Chmurzynska-Rainbird
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About Patrycja

I help people, who want to become more connected to themselves as well as others in their life.

No matter how insurmountable your challenges may seem at the moment, I believe you are here because a part of you recognises that life can get much better indeed.

Conversely, perhaps you have waited with seeking support due to belief that 'some had it much worse'.

Well, I am interested in hearing Your story.

Each person is unique, as such I am curious to explore various ways of communication to support you on your journey; sometimes it may be us just talking about what is troubling you, and we look for healthy ways of improving your situation. On other occasions I may encourage you to listen to the sensations in your body or focus on your breathing. At times we may draw pictures or 'play' with symbolic objects. I can teach you techniques for emotional self-regulation, and if appropriate, I may also invite you to express your feelings through movement.

Some people want to change, some want to grow. I am here to support you in realising your potential.


  • Diploma in Humanistic Counselling (Metanoia Institute)
  • BSc (Hons) Humanistic Counselling (Middlesex University)




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