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Maybe you are finding your anxieties are starting to dominate your thinking in an unhelpful way. Maybe you have always felt confident and have always been the person others turn to for help and now suddenly you find it you that can't cope. It could be that a sudden change in circumstance, through physical injury, bereavement, illness or changes in family or job circumstance has left you reeling. You've tried hard to deal with it all, but nothing seems to be changing for the better. I can offer you support, firstly to offload some of the burden and just talk and be listened to, heard and understood. I can be alongside you as you explore what you can change and appreciate what you can't. I can help you develop your of clearer view of a positive way forward towards a more fulfilling future.

I would love to have a brief chat with you, for no charge, where we can explore how best we might work together, wherever in the country you might live.

I work as an Integrated Therapist. This means that I have trained to use whatever therapeutic tools will best meet your needs as you describe them. This empowers you to set the agenda and pace of what we do together.

I have a wide range of experience working with people from all backgrounds and ages (from 18's to over 80's) through my regional NHS hospital and in private practice. Having retired from full time work, I volunteer as a counsellor for the NHS one day a week leaving a day and two evenings for private clients. I like to think that this gives me the time and perspective to be of some help to you.


  • Diploma of Higher Education in Counselling (Waverley Abbey College)
  • M.A. (University of East Anglia)
  • B.Sc. (Lanchester Polytechnic)




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Woodbridge, United Kingdom

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