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I am registered to work with clients in the UK and have varying professional work experience - be that employment or in a voluntary capacity. This has primarily consisted of open-ended in-person sessions. However, I have provided counselling over the phone and video as well, particularly at the height of the pandemic.

I am a person-centred therapist which means that an integral part of our work together will be the development of a therapeutic alliance wherein we explore your thoughts, feelings, and everything in between so that you can have a full understanding of yourself. 

Being valued as a person without the fear of judgement, in a therapeutic environment, can help you accept who you are and reconnect with a core sense of being, out of which positive growth can occur.

How we approach therapy will be up to us and the long-term goals you bring to the sessions. Perhaps setting such goals and finding a semblance of purpose is why you come to therapy. Whatever the case, I will aim to facilitate as much of this process as possible.

I have experience in facilitating clients' exploration of themselves on a deep and emotional level. Only with knowing yourself as you are and the root of your distress can you make positive changes. Specifically, my clients and I have explored the difficulties of adjusting following cancer treatment; health anxiety; LGBT related issues, as well as coping with life changes, such as entering a new career.

I have specialised in grief and bereavement. I have worked closely with end-of-life clients and their families over the course of the last year in particular. This has not only been in a therapeutic capacity as a counsellor, but also as a carer. I know very well the ins-and-outs of palliative care practically and psychologically - especially when it relates to anticipatory grief.

Person or client-centred therapy is a talking therapy based on the view that everyone has the capacity and underlying desire for personal growth, given the right conditions. As a therapist, I embody and offer such conditions of unconditional positive regard, empathy, and congruence in order to help you come to terms with any negative or overwhelming feelings and to change, develop, and grow in accordance with your own best interests.

You might feel you have no one to talk to even with people all around you. Supportive family and friends are great, yet it is difficult to talk to loved ones about feeling anxious or being depressed. You may find it easier to talk about familial, personal, or relationship issues with an independent professional therapist.

There are many approaches to therapy and many more practitioners to endeavour this process with. There is no right way to start therapy if you've never gone through it before. If, however, you think that we might work well together, get in touch and we'll go from there.


  • MSc Person-Centred Counselling (University of Aberdeen)
  • MA(Hons) Psychology (University of Aberdeen)




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Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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