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Olivia works in a way that incorporates Human Design to a private health coaching plan in order to achieve the best, long-lasting lifestyle changes and results possible for her clients.

Human Design is a unique tool which enables each and every one of us to discover our innate gifts & abilities through the chart explored in a deep dive. This information can be life-changing in many ways, such as giving one the permission to finally live the way they've always felt was right but didn't due to conditioning, to help a mother raise her child by being aware of their design, in relationships to create more awareness and understanding or simply to gain clarity before embarking on a new career or joining a new team.

With the information generated in a Human Design chart, Olivia is able to create a bespoke coaching plan to suit an individual's character & behaviour, in order to support the client on their journey to more balance and overall better health. By weaving Human Design into a coaching plan, there are endless opportunities to discover the root cause of why things haven't worked until now, and how to upgrade and improve those circumstances in order to reach the Health & Well-Being goals.

Olivia believes that the process of coaching needs to be tailored to each individual based on their specific needs. Every plan will be fitted to accommodate and work around different lifestyles and previous habits.


  • Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
  • Level 1 & 2 (My Human Design )


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London, United Kingdom

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