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Hello, I'm Mel

I'm a therapeutic counsellor who can help you with a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, bereavement and low self esteem. I use an integrative approach which means that I draw upon ideas and techniques from different therapeutic models, depending on your unique needs. In offering a holistic approach I consider your mental, physical, and emotional health and working together we can seek to understand your sources of anxiety, unhappiness, physical discomfort, or unhealthy behaviour patterns.

Are you wondering if you really need therapy?

If so, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you having a hard time feeling good about who you are?

Would you like to create lasting, positive changes in your life and relationships?

Do you feel you have unresolved emotional issues which are stifling your creativity, confidence and ambition?

Has there been trauma and loss in your life which is causing sadness and depression?

Therapy is not just for those who are going through a serious crisis. Our everyday life is full of challenges which cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. It's not unusual to want a little support on your journey towards healing and self-discovery. There comes a time when you might need some help from a qualified professional to cope with many of life's challenges.

Do you feel we could have a therapeutic relationship? Am I for you?

You have probably scrolled through descriptions of various therapists and felt totally confused on how to make a choice. What feels right for one person, might be different for another, but it's well documented that the relationship between client and therapist is paramount. There has to be a connection; a sense of "this person gets me".

Some of us find it uncomfortable to talk about our strengths, I'm definitely one of them, but I would like to think that I am intuitive, down to earth, warm and friendly, and I will not judge you no matter what your story is. I have a calm and gentle approach, but I also have the ability to be able to challenge clients when appropriate or offer a different perspective. I feel my role as a therapist is to help you understand yourself more deeply and cope better with change.

I have many years of experience supporting people from all walks of life, and currently work as a private practitioner, as well as offering therapeutic support within the charitable sector to young people who have been victims of crime.

When I'm not working, if I'm honest, I tend to catch up on housework, and watch TV. But I recognise the importance of self care and try to spend time outdoors; I like walking the South West Coast Path, and maybe one day I will have walked all 630 miles... (maybe.)

I used to like reading fiction, but that was pre-instagram. Perhaps you can relate to this. My intention in 2023 is to read much more and scroll less.

I find gardening therapeutic, and sometimes I like cooking. If that all feels too wholesome, I'm also someone who has a sense of fun, I like music events and socialising. However, I'm probably more of an introvert than an extrovert, I'm not a fan of chit chat, but l'm drawn to authenticity.

Therapy is expensive. How can you be sure that I can actually help you?

We all know that feeling when thoughts seem to go "round and round" in our heads and leave us feeling exhausted, stuck, and anxious. By speaking out loud, we externalise what we are feeling, and this helps in making sense of our problems.

Talking to a counsellor is different to the well meaning, but often misguided comments from friends and family. It can be such a relief to talk through issues we are facing.

My work is influenced by empathy, authenticity, and commitment to clients. My supportive and collaborative approach is tailored to clients' unique experiences and values. Together, we'll identify and foster your personal strengths and develop coping resources that enable you to manage the demands of daily life and relationships. In our sessions, I will provide a comfortable environment where we can explore what may be weighing you down. I can provide you with a safe setting to speak from your heart, figure out what things in your life you need to shift, and learn how to get the life you deserve. I can help to empower you and help you manage uncomfortable feelings. I can listen and really hear what clients say, but I also have the knowledge, and skills to enable clients to progress. If a client has goals that they would like to achieve, it's important to me that we both work collaboratively towards the outcomes.

I take my work seriously. My clients' well-being is my number one priority, and I go above and beyond to help clients through all their obstacles, often backing up sessions by emailing additional material or relevant links.

I have monthly supervision and take note of feedback. I am committed to professional development and attend courses which support my work.

Some of the challenges I have recently supported clients with:

  • depression: feeling sad and tearful; feeling numb, lack of motivation, withdrawing from others.
  • anxiety : a sense of dread, OCD, panic attacks
  • substance abuse : alcohol, street drugs.
  • overwhelm & stress
  • self harm
  • trauma
  • bereavement
  • self-confidence & self esteem
  • relationship issues : couple,family, peer

Whether you're seeking therapy to address a specific concern or simply to engage in a personal exploration, the therapeutic process can help increase insight, decrease anxiety and painful emotions, identify healthier coping strategies, and deepen relationships. You deserve to be healthy, happy and at peace. Since finding the right therapist can be a challenging process, I encourage you to check out my website for additional information to help determine if I may be a good fit for your needs.


  • Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Therapy (Heartwood Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy)
  • Bachelor of Education (Qualified Teacher Status) (University of Plymouth)




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TOTNES, United Kingdom



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