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Are you finding it hard to manage the complexities of day-to-day life? Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or concerned you can’t cope? Are your relationships suffering? Or has something happened that you’re finding it hard to move on from? 

Or, are you simply curious to understand yourself better, to explore what it means to be human, untangle the messy bits and find new ways through? 

I can help you understand what’s happening - and make a change.

My 24-session 1-to1- psychotherapy programme, is for you if you're:

  • Going through a difficult time, or embarking on a change
  • Experiencing anxiety, feeling on edge or unable to sleep
  • Stuck in a rut, repeating patterns or struggling with relationships
  • Unable to move on from a traumatic experience (including birth trauma)

What's included:

  • Weekly 50-minute sessions, at a dedicated time
  • Relational psychotherapy process with evidence-based strategies
  • Psychoeducation to help you understand what’s happening
  • All sessions are held online

I am a UKCP accredited Clinical Psychotherapist. I empower women going through periods of transition to understand themselves better: to make sense of life, find meaning and go their own way. Prior to this, I had a 10-year portfolio career, spanning business psychology, marketing, documentary film and yoga.


  • Clinical Diploma Integrative Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute)




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