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Kyla De Graauw

Henley-on-Thames , United Kingdom



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Try as we might, life is not always easy & there may be times when we need additional support. Whether this is in the form of regular sessions to address a specific concern, develop strategies & learn tools to be equipped to cope, or a one-off appointment to debrief with a neutral & compassionate third party in order to gain perspective, help is available.

I work with couples to address difficulties around communication and conflict, as well as trust and intimacy. I also work with adults around areas such as anxiety and depression, self-confidence, and self-compassion.

A complimentary consultation is offered to anyone who is interested in engaging in therapy was a way of providing a relaxed opportunity to meet, and to determine if we think we will be able to work well together.


  • Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology (Monash University, Melbourne )
  • Undergraduate in Psychological Science (ACU, Melbourne )




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Henley-on-Thames , United Kingdom

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