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Hi! I am Katinka Noack, a Certified Transformational Life coach.

Being committed to spiritual growth from a young age, I have immersed myself in many traditions, rituals and eastern, indiginous and shamanic practices to expand my consciousness. From this place of constant growth and change, I aim to implement my learnings and trainings in the service of others. This is what lies at the core of my work — discovering the richness of life and then paying it forward, hence honoring my feminine essence and encouraging other women to do the same.

I'm passionate about the power of the feminine.

Supporting women in their growth has thus become my calling. My joy comes in empowering my clients to step into the path of love, consciousness and wisdom while I offer my listening ear and intuition. Earlier I have worked in the therapeutic field for over nine years, successfully supporting a variety of people, ranging from families, schools, couples and individuals. I have worked in many capacities, including improving the wellbeing of families in need in the London area, as well as bringing wellbeing into the education system there. Also supporting birth as a Doula, I took real pleasure in being part of such a profound experience in a woman’s journey. Through being present during the birth of new life, I also witnessed the rebirth of the mother herself, and was deeply inspired to remind all women of their inherent power and beauty. Now I work exclusively with women in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Greece, France, the Netherlands and more.


A woman’s power goes well beyond the majesty of child giving. Through Transformational Life Coaching, I hope to bring your capacity for creation into every facet of your life, to guide you deeper into your divine connection to yourself, and to move you closer to discovering your true calling. From there, I aim to guide you in finding the resources and tools you need, and to effectively swap out the unwanted things in your life with what you've always wished for.

I believe women need initiation into their womanhood.

So many women want more from life. We search and search for meaningful connections and experiences, but find ourselves in lives that we did not ask for. So many women live in grown bodies but feel stuck in their spiritual and emotional development, and feel a yearning to be ‘initiated’ into womanhood. Such rituals have been lost in the modern world, and I am passionate about overseeing this kind of process with my clients in a way that honors their personal and individual needs. Women need to discover the richness of who they are and learn how to incorporate this richness into their everyday life. They also need support in this endeavor. I deeply enjoy being part of the journey toward birthing and actualizing feminine essence, and I take pleasure in being the portal toward women’s initiation to reclaim their power. It is my hope that I can be a companion and guide on your journey, mirroring and encouraging you to move beyond limitation and find confidence in your capacities as a creative force.


If you are ready to step into your creative fire and forge it into your highest vision, I would be delighted and honored to step in with you. I work in a holistic and person-centered way so you can identify and explore your possibilities, growth edge and potential at your own pace and ease. It is my hope that you find your way home to yourself and step into the life you've always wanted.

Please see my website for more information


  • Certified Transformational Coach (FP) (Evolving Wisdom/Feminine power International )
  • BA (hons) level Diploma in Professional Development in Wellbeing Practice (London Metropolitan University/IATE (Insti)
  • Diploma in Therapeutic communications (London Metropilitan University/Kids company )


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