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I’m Kasia Richter. I am a cross-cultural psychologist specializing in wellbeing, stress management, and burnout prevention & recovery. I design well-being strategies for driven entrepreneurs and professionals so that they can achieve their ambitious personal and business goals in a balanced way without experiencing burnout. 

Thanks to my professional experience as an executive in a corporate world who experienced burnout and depression and my own healing and self-development journey, and certified yoga teacher I can support leaders, managers and decision makers. I spent many years in international aviation, building my dream career of an in-flight personnel recruitment executive. Toxic work environment, unrealistic workload, bullying, emotional drain and depression were all part of my experience.

Today I know that in order to manage a company or a team with the best results, it is you who needs to function well in the first place.

Learning how to manage stress, set healthy boundaries, eradicate unsupportive beliefs and have a positive mindset is crucial for successful leaders.

Looking for cure from depression and burnout I tried several modalities, including antidepressants, yoga, ayurveda, CBT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Theta Healing. The last was the most powerful in transforming my mindset, as it provided fast and tangible results. My confidence improved, my self-sabotaging patterns disappeared, I let go of resentment, guild and shame, which improved my life and relationships. I was so impressed by the power of this modality that I became a Theta Healing Practitioner and included that modality in my work.

My approach is holistic, I believe in creating healthy body&mind as well as healthy connection with oneself instead of relying on medication.

I am also certified yoga teacher and I enjoy incorporating it in my own and my clients practice.

I help my clients create a positive mindset shift, let go of inner blocks and create healthy habits that will ensure their personal fullfillment and success on a personal and professional level. 


  • Masters in Psychology (SWPS University)
  • Theta Healing Practitioner (Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge)
  • Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center)




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London, United Kingdom

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