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Kanan knows the importance of inner bliss first-hand. She is now on a mission to help others unlock, ignite, and sustain theirs. Centred around the practice of Yoga Nidra, KananYogaBliss is a calming antidote to the pace of modern life. 

Kanan was receiving treatment in New York when she discovered Yoga Nidra. Inspired by the real and powerful transformation Yoga Nidra was making to her wellbeing, Kanan decided to study and train in this practice so that she could share it with others. Since then Kanan has had the privilege to practice all over the world and share her Yoga Nidra with a diverse range of Clients - from CEO’s to private members clubs, festivals to corporate events, retail stores to radio stations.

Nidra is an ancient form of Yoga that is scientifically proven to rejuvenate and bring balance to practitioners. This deep sleep state restores and transforms our mental and physical state, making Nidra a welcome tonic in our sleep deprived age. In Nidra there are no challenging asanas (yoga poses) to master, or movement of any kind other than restful repose - making the practice accessible to every kind of body. Yoga Nidra involves laying down and embarking on a guided meditative journey into a deeper state of conscious relaxation and awareness to ignite your inner transformation.

Whether its for you, your team, or your clients, Kanan Yoga Bliss will provide a truly blissful experience.


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