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My name is Kam, and I am a qualified integrative therapist. I started my journey into counselling with a view to better understanding others. At the time I worked with individuals with complex needs and soon realised that many were failed by the system, because of a lack of understanding and empathy about their circumstances and beliefs. Many of these individuals masked their true pain and hurt with addictions, anti-social behaviour and toxic patterns of relating. Their traumatic pasts plagued their ability to seek positive changes or build a secure sense of self-worth. The step into counselling enriched my ability to provide a safe space for these individuals to feel seen, heard and valued. I witnessed positive growth in many of these clients and rejoiced in their transformations no matter how big or small.

This experience took me on my own journey of self-development. Along with gaining all the relevant qualifications, I learned so much about myself, with the support of personal counselling and life coaching. I unlearnt many limited beliefs and uncovered past traumas that had prevented me from seeing my true worth. I gave voice to my needs and begun to value my relationship with myself, and others around me. I came out of the process so much stronger, and my goal is to help others through their own journey to self-actualisation.


  • Level 4 Diploma in Integrative Counsellor (West Thames College)
  • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills (West Thames College)




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Hounslow, United Kingdom



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