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About Jessica

Do you ever spend time worrying about things you have said or done in a meeting? to a friend? to your boss?

Do you ever get trapped in self-critical thinking - where after a mistake you constantly berate yourself?

Do you ever wake up in the night or when your trying to something important and you can't control negative thoughts?

Are you going through a period of transition and feeling stressed, confused or lost?

Overcome self-criticism, build mental resilience and control unwanted thoughts and feelings - by developing self-compassion. My service offers a unique approach that combines evidence-based sport psychology strategies with clinical psychological tools to help individuals thrive in any environment. My interventions have helped individuals in intense performance environments and clinical settings to succeed and thrive.  For competitive athletes, professionals in the city, teachers, doctors, performing artists, students - to anyone looking to reach their full potential!

What does this tend to involve?

Session 1 – To understand the current situation and set relevant goals

  • Psychological Assessment 
  • Performance Profiling (if appropriate)
  • Goal setting 

Session 2-4

  • Identify any unhelpful patterns of functioning (no matter how big or small) that are preventing you from reaching your full potential 
  • Develop an awareness of how your emotions and brain have developed and how this impacts your current performance and wellbeing (for good and for bad…) 

Session 4 – 12 (and onwards)  

  • Develop psychological techniques to optimise functioning and break unhelpful habits
  • Utilising your strengths and hack your neurophysiology to control emotions and thoughts
  • Bespoke interventions that are aligned with your goals and crucially complimentary to how your brain and emotions have developed and currently function 

About me:

Before training as a Sport and Performance Psychologist, I started my professional career in 2016 working in the NHS working in forensic services and Child and Adolescent Mental health services. During these roles I delivered psychological interventions to young people, parents, female prisoners and forensic patients. I have utilised techniques from CBT, Compassionate Focussed Therapy (CFT), DBT and Social Learning theory interventions.

My unique journey has shaped my practice where my experience has provided me with a sophisticated skill set and psychological grounding to identify and challenge maladaptive thinking and behaviour in a range of clients. I empower my clients to develop sustainable cycles of functioning to optimise performance and enhance well-being.

Check out my website for more information:


  • Introduction to theory and practice of CFT (Compassionate Mind Foundation)
  • Qualification Sports Exercise Psychology (QSEP) - in training (working towards HCPC) (British Psychology Society )
  • MSc Sports & Exercise Psychology (University of Greenwich )
  • PGDip Educational Mental Health Practice (Low intensity CBT) (Kings College London)
  • BSc Psychology (University of Bristol)


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London, United Kingdom

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