Jan Hunter | Helping innovators to overcome overwhelm
Jan Hunter | Helping innovators to overcome overwhelm
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Jan Hunter | Helping innovators to overcome overwhelm



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Hello. My name's Jan.

Are you desperate to contribute to the changes required in society in these very uncertain times, but feel overwhelmed and paralysed by the demands of your everyday life? I help innovators to reconnect with their skills & talents, be inspired to act and contribute to the difference that they want to see in the world. Book a free discovery call to find out how.

Supporting health and well-being has always been a central component in all my job roles, and my wide-ranging experience has enabled me to see how even relatively small changes can greatly increase the happiness and well-being of a person or a whole community. My experience coaching leaders has demonstrated that the same applies within organisations. Setting a culture in which others can thrive is vital.

I'm a coach that believes you can emerge from the fog of overwhelm, think more clearly, embrace your potential, and so make a greater contribution to the world. Coaching increases self-awareness, and challenges old beliefs that are limiting your potential. It empowers you to view yourself in a different light and make the changes both within yourself and your environment that support you to be your best self.

I am a fully qualified psychotherapist and life coach with 35 years experience in supporting the development of good mental, emotional and physical health, and hence overall well-being, in all those I have worked with. 



  • Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching (ICF & ACC) (Animas Centre for Coaching )
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy (Leeds Beckett University)
  • Diploma in Psychology (Conversion for Postgraduates) (Open University)
  • Licentiate Degree (College of Classical Homoeopathy)
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education (University of Exeter)




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