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I have been counselling adults, adolescents and children since 2017, working in both secondary and primary settings with staff and students and in adult integrative agencies. I have a wide range of experience in supporting clients to an improved sense of wellbeing and offer flexibility in approach.

I hope to provide a safe, empathic and non-judgemental space for people to explore their experiences and be actively heard and understood. Through close attunement and tracking my clients gain greater awareness and understanding fostering increased self-compassion, which enables progress to take place. I view the therapeutic relationship as a 'we' - I offer my authentic self as a co-worker and one who recognises that I'm not the expert on another person's life but I am a facilitator - offering my reflections, observations and ideas to aid my clients' processing and promoting active change towards their goals.

I feel that working with all aspects of troubling experience: thoughts (often involving self-critical and self-limiting beliefs), feelings, behaviours and sensory aspects, provides a full picture from which key areas to work on emerge. As new research has highlighted effective approaches I have incorporated these and as a result my approach draws on a range of theories: attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive behavioural approaches, internal family systems, trauma-informed approaches, mindfulness, along with sensorimotor and polyvagal theory. My clients soon find the way of working that suits them. I ensure that my clients have access to a range of high quality and evidence-based resources related to their particular concerns and we would have regular reviews to discuss levels of satisfaction with the therapy.

I have a particular interest in neurodiverse conditions in adults and young people and have worked with clients with ASD, ADHD, OCD and PTSD. I have read widely on this subject. In April 23 I completed online training with Sean Inderbitzen APSW, MINT, on polyvagal-informed therapy for autism. Porges' polyvagal theory suggests that ASD is 'a common threat state which initiates defensive responses such as 'anxiety, poor social interaction and hypersensitivity' (Porges et al, 2013). This theory allows an ASD presentation to change according to the state of the autonomic nervous system - supporting the use of mindfulness, sensorimotor skills, bilateral stimulation, a focus on positives and greater mastery of habitual responses. Russell Barkley's theory of executive functioning (Barkley, 2011) and Adaptive Information Processing theory (Shields et al, 2016) also provide useful frameworks for helpful interventions. Whether to pursue a diagnosis and processing the impact of one are important parts of the therapy.

I offer online sessions and also face to face at Effra Space in Brixton and Herne Hill space in Herne Hill, London, which is fully accessible to people with disabilities.

Taking that step towards self-healing takes courage and my role is to be an effective, attuned 'other' to assist clients in their journey of reconnection to self and to others, and towards achieving their goals. Do get in touch and we can talk about what will be most helpful for you in the free 15 minute consultation.


  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Level 4 (Spurgeons' College)
  • Accreditation (BACP)
  • Providing Good Clinical Supervision, APT-Accreditation L2 (The Association for Psychological Therapies)
  • Level 3 Certificate for Working with Children (Place2be)
  • Level 2 Certificate for Working with Children (Place2be)




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London, United Kingdom

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