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You may be toying with the idea of seeking support but it’s all a bit unclear, or you may have a very defined idea of what you want to change in your life and you’re looking for the right person to help you get there. Either way, admitting to yourself that you want help is a powerful start.

I work with people who bring a wide range of issues. They may feel unloved; invisible; lonely;  disappointed; angry; alienated; unable to sustain good relationships ; powerless to leave the house without performing a string of obsessive rituals; confused about whether they are female or male or both; stuck; joyless; terrified. They may self-harm, be unable to sleep, suffer from mood disorders, or have other physical symptoms that medicines will not shift. They may want to die, or they may want to live better.

I have a broad range of experience, having worked within the NHS, probation service, state and private schools, as well as private practice. My clients come from all backgrounds and economic circumstances, both adults and teenagers.

I have direct experience of living in a new ‘home’ having moved from my native England a few years ago.  This experience is invaluable when working with expats.  I understand the challenge of loneliness, the need for community and the difficulty in integrating a sense of belonging in a context which is unfamiliar. I provide a secure base from which to explore your fears, uncertainties and sense of displacement, helping you dispel feelings of alienation and create a new sense of stability.

I provide a compassionate presence in a fully confidential setting, someone you can trust to accept you without judgement, leaving you free to explore your vulnerability and your strengths. You won’t have to pretend, put on a brave face, perform, justify, be good at anything.  Our conversation will prompt insight about old ingrained habits; the impact life has had on your mind and body;  your strengths and how best to use them to lead the life you want to lead.

The work is often challenging, but it can also be very exciting. My hope is that people look forward to their counselling sessions.

Book a free 15 minute chat if you’d like to meet me and ask further questions.




  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision June 2017 (NCS Accredited)
  • Accreditation Counsellor/Psychotherapist April 2014 (BACP)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Jan 2011 (University of Bristol)




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