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About Grace

A fully qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) with a background in Psychology and Yoga.

I offer Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), which is predominantly based on Hypnotherapy, and an incredibly effective method for a range of different things, both physical and emotional.

If you experience anxiety, stress, confidence issues, or perhaps have a past pain that was never really addressed or understood, then I can help you.

Perhaps your life has been ruled by your anxiety, leaving you feeling stuck and wanting to be happy.

Or maybe your relationship with yourself, your body, food or others has become an area that you want to create positive change.

RTT is true to its name, creating rapid and long lasting results.

As well as Hypnotherapy, RTT uses elements of CBT and Psychology. Regression is used to go back to the past, looking at scenes or events that occurred in your childhood to. It is never about reliving these events, more about reviewing them to unravel the cause of wha's holding you back. We also use techniques like inner child work, tapping into the mind-body connection and powerful visualisation.

My focus is to help you overcome, eradicate, eliminate and release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back.

Your thoughts lead to your beliefs, lead to your feelings, lead to your behaviours.

So, at the crux of my work is looking at your thoughts.

My Offerings

In an individual session expect to delve into your day-to-day thoughts, how they might be holding you back and how you can start changing them. We'll do some powerful meditation to connect you back to you and some Hypnotherapy. Every session will of course vary, depending on what you need, but I will make sure you feel lighter and clearer afterwards.

I also offer an effective therapy program called 6-week private Therapy programme called Thrive, which incorporates Rapid Transformational Therapy and many other techniques I have learnt along the way. I've been running this for a number of years now with hundreds of clients and had some profound, life changing results.

The 3 stages to transformation:

  1. Awareness: using talking Therapy, CBT & Meditation.
  2. Understanding: using Regression in Hypnotherapy.
  3. Transformation: using Hypnosis Recordings.

You will leave me with:

  • Clarity, awareness and understanding of yourself
  • A toolbox of ways in which you can become the master of your mind
  • Freedom, lightness and a healthy relationship with yourself
  • A belief that you are enough, just as you are.

For a range of testimonials from previous clients who have worked with me, please click here.

You can choose to do individual sessions on this or perhaps sign up for my Thrive programme. Book in for a free consultation to discuss what may suit you best.

For more information on my work and approach check out my website.

And for any questions please feel free to message me on here or email

I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can be of service to you.



  • BSc Psychology (University of Exeter)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (The Marisa Peer School)
  • Yoga Teacher (Yoga)


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