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Machynlleth, United Kingdom



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You are not alone. I offer an authentic listening ear and an open mind in a held environment.

Struggling with an aspect of your life can feel isolating. I am here so that you need not feel alone. Revealing your inner most thoughts, fears and feelings can be daunting and that is why I offer a calm, secure and non-judgemental space.

As a Person Centred Therapist, I am led by you; I work at the pace you set, use challenge where appropriate and hold your personal growth and well-being at the heart of my practise. I work on the belief that you have the answers within you, I am here to help you uncover them.

I believe that in a held environment you will be able to explore and move through your current difficulties. I know that this is possible as I have overcome issues that felt insurmountable by exploring them with a counsellor who was 'the right fit' for me. I am what is known in the counselling community as a 'wounded healer.'

You have already shown great courage and a desire to change your current circumstances by reading my profile; if you feel that I could be the 'right fit' for you then please get in touch.

I currently work in private practice and take referrals from a national child bereavement charity and an organisation that supports the mental health of those in rural farming communities.

I have completed training with The Foundation for Infant Loss. I feel passionately about supporting both women and men through the devastation and isolation of child loss, miscarriage and elective miscarriage (abortion).

I have experience working with many of lives challenges such as depression, anxiety, adverse childhood experiences, PTSD, CPTSD, bereavement and addiction (having volunteered for a substance misuse charity).

I am currently engaging in certified CPD to become a clinical ADHD services provider and an integrative sex therapy informed practitioner.


  • Foundation Degree in Counselling Theory & Practice (Staffordshire University)
  • Accredited Practitioner (Foundation for Infant Loss)




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Machynlleth, United Kingdom



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