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About Eva

Dealing with difficult and confusing emotions in a psychotherapy setting can lead to transforming these emotions into the driving force for a fulfilling and happy life.

I can offer you is a tailor-made approach and a safe space for exploration, self-awareness, and clarity. A place to process those difficult emotions that might hold you back from being the best version of You.

I am a psychologist and art psychotherapist (HCPC, BAAT, NVBT). This means that apart from talking I often suggest the use of art materials such as a pen and paper as part of the therapeutic process. The use of art materials is optional and usually offers a chance to:

  1. delve deeper in our emotions and express them,
  2. self-regulate,
  3. and find creative solutions.

In art therapy we undertake the task of making the unconscious conscious; to realise some of our deepest fantasies, fears, and desires... By doing so we might break our patters and gain a certain level of freedom over our options and choices. In addition, we take on another task and that is to "create meaning together". By looking together with the art therapist on some aspects of our life and emotions we attempt to make sense of our individual experiences.

My working experience is around:

  • relationship and emotional issues,
  • immigration and transitions in life,
  • working with people with a psychiatric diagnosis,
  • complex trauma,
  • and sexual violence.

I am currently providing online counselling to survivors of sexual violence in the third sector in the UK as well as running my private practice. In the past, I have worked in refugee camps in Greece for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and various non-governmental organisations. I conducted part of my training in the NHS with adult inpatient patients and with adolescents in schools and community settings.

If you are interested in working with me you can book a 15min free consultation.

I currently provides online or face to face individual art psychotherapy and counselling sessions in English and Greek. My private practice is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


  • MA in Art Psychotherapy (University of South Wales)
  • BSc in Psychology (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)





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