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Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counsellor and Trainee Psychotherapist Emily, wanted to use her skills to create a rapid process for change. With a focus on anxiety, loss, childhood emotional neglect, relationship attachments, and addictions, Emily understands the pressure that we all feel under in today’s society and sees that struggles, pain points and insecurities can often be overlooked.


Emily focuses on prevention as well as healing, working to address potential issues before they have the opportunity to derail someone’s future. This is why we firstly focus on how you feel today.


Together we can…

  • Help you work through your thoughts and feelings, to make better sense of all of the noise
  • Help you navigate the pressures, demands and constraints that come with work, relationships and raising a family, and teach you how to manage these
  • Show you how to find confidence in yourself, to make decisions that are right for you
  • Teach you how to stop reading the scripts written by others, and begin to compose your own lines
  • Help you carve your path in life, working with you to understand what is holding you back and how to overcome this.

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  • Spiritual Counsellor (Holistic Healing College)
  • Life Coach (Holistic Healing Collge)
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy (London School of Hypnotherapy)






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London, United Kingdom

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