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Elizabeth Broderick

London, United Kingdom



About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a certified sound meditation teacher with yoga alliance, creating soundscapes for altered states in London.

Sound meditation uses the frequencies and vibrations of musical instruments to help your brain reach deep relaxation.

The experience can be performed in groups or individually using gongs, tibetan and crystal bowls, tuning forks and chimes along with guided meditations.

Experience states of deep meditation and relaxation through sound and have a vibrational re-set on both the mind and body. 

London Classes The Mandrake & The Life Space

1-1 Intimate 1-1 sound therapy sessions tailored just for you. 

Group Bookings Experience Sound Baths as a collective with friends or family, a time to connect and wind down.

By altering our state of consciousness through sound, we can transform our relationship with ourself, and with the world around us. At ANICCA, sound takes us on a journey back to our inner wisdom, a place of stillness for balanced living.  

IG: @anicca.sound

Website: www.aniccasound.com


  • 200 Hour NAAD Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) (Yoga Alliance & Leo Cosendai)


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London, United Kingdom



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