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Bruce has been the Professor of Developmental Psychology at Bristol University since 2000. He undertook his Ph.D. at Cambridge followed by appointments at University College London, MIT and was a faculty professor at Harvard. He researches child development, origins of superstition and self-identity. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Society, the Royal Institution of Great Britain and the British Psychological Society. Bruce gave the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures Meet Your Brain in 2011 broadcast to over 4 million viewers on BBC2 and BBC4 (the first time in the lectures history). He is the founder of the world largest platform for external speakers (ZoomTalks) and has developed the most successful course at Bristol University (The Science of Happiness). Hood has written four popular science books – SuperSense (2009), The Self Illusion (2012), The Domesticated Brain (2014) and Possessed (2019). He has appeared on various radio and TV shows and stars in the eco-documentary film, Living in the Future’s Past (2018) presented by academy award-winner Jeff Bridges. Bruce currently co-hosts the BBC podcast The Happiness Half Hour which currently has over 100,000 downloads and featured on the BBC Headroom website as a resource during lockdown.


  • M.A. (Univeristy of Dundee)
  • M.Phil. (Univeristy of Dundee)
  • Ph.D. (University of Cambridge)




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