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For most people there are points in life where things feel difficult to manage, perhaps in dealing with difficult events, or the actions of others, perhaps in understanding your own responses to those events. Sometimes we can have conflicting emotions towards the people around us that are hard to reconcile, or feelings of guilt or shame about aspects of identity. While our feelings serve a purpose in letting us know something’s up, our reactive behaviours can compound our distress and often lead to further problems added in to the mix.


I offer a supportive space to help you explore these themes in safe and contained way, and to find direction in how you move forward. I offer one-to-one sessions of conversation and guided practical work that draw on Mindfulness CBT, Narrative Practice and Person-Centred Therapy dependent on your needs at the time.


I have worked in both statutory and third sector support services for the past 8 years supporting people with complex mental health needs. My first helping role was as a peer facilitator, and I would still describe myself as a lived experience practitioner. What I mean by this is that therapy helped me at a particular point of personal crises in my life, and that ever since it has continued to support my wellbeing and my development both personally and professionally. I’m also in regular supervision for my work supporting others both within my workplace and privately. I have trained in several different counselling interventions alongside my clinical work, I have an MSc in Psychology, and I continue to build skills and experience as I move towards doctorate training.


All of that aside, I enjoy talking with people about the stuff of life, what we’re grateful for, or afraid of, or angry about, or ashamed of, or bored by. All the things that make us human. I feel lucky to do work where I see people take brave steps in their own lives both practically and emotionally, and I feel humbled when I’m a witness to those changes.


  • Counselling (UWE)
  • MSc Psychology (UEL)





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