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I am an integrative counsellor with experience of working with a range of clients from those with mild mental health issues through to more serious conditions.

I provide an empathetic and non-judgmental space to explore and understand the issues that you bring. Working with you I bring a strong analytical ability to provide fresh insight and help initiate change.

I very much work with and focus on what you, the client, brings to the sessions and you have control in terms of what we explore and where we go. This means we can remain with current and present problems and how they can be causing distress and stopping you be the person you want to be - perhaps you are stuck in a rut or the same difficulties keep occurring and your anxious about changing?


However, I also think it is very important to understand and explore things that have happened in the past: are current events a repeat or echo of the things that have happened before? Did certain things happen a long time ago that can help us understand what is happening now? What story do we tell about ourselves now and perhaps a different story could be told that leads somewhere new?


This can sometimes be difficult and painful for a client and why the therapeutic relationship that exists between me and a client is so important. It is through this I can offer the support that is needed to explore painful past experiences.


The strongest evidence that exists for how change occurs in therapy and counselling shows that it is the relationship between a client and counsellor that is the key driver of change.


So while my qualifications obviously count for something it is how I and you as a client come together and how the relationship that develops that is most important. It can be the means through which, not only, we come to understand what has happened and why but also be the means through which you can experience something different: new insight, understanding and change.


  • PhD Sociology (Goldsmiths College, London)
  • MA Social and Political Thought (University of Sussex)
  • BA Hons Sociology (University of Liverpool )
  • Diploma in therapeutic counselling (Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Academy)
  • Foundation Degree in Counselling (in progress) (Open University)




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