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About Ben

I am an approachable, dynamic and warm Person Centred psychotherapist. I believe that given the right set of conditions as human beings, we cannot help but move towards reaching our full potential. Working together in a therapeutic relationship we will create a space where you will meet yourself in a unique way, at a pace that works for you, allowing you to explore the habitual patterns, beliefs and behaviours that hold you back from being fully who you are.

Ways of working

I work face to face or on Zoom.


I work with men and women one to one, providing a confidential and supportive space for exploration, reflections and growth.


I enjoy working with couples, supporting you with issues such as communication challenges, resolving differences, infidelity, trust, sex and sexuality, considering parenthood and more.


I am also an experienced parenting coach. As a father of grown up children I understand only too well the challenges of being in a family. I'm passionate about supporting parents. The sorts of things I can help you with are setting clear and respectful boundaries, managing differences in parenting styles, helping your children express themselves and communicating without getting triggered.


  • Anger in Perspective (British Association of Anger Management - BAAM)
  • 3rd year Person Centred Psychotherapy (Metanoia Institute)
  • One year course in psychotherapy (Spectrum Humanistic Therapy)
  • One year continuation course in psychotherapy (Spectrum Humanistic Therapy)
  • Postgraduate course (Spectrum Humanistic Therapy)
  • Basic sexuality course (Spectrum Humanistic Therapy)
  • Working with anger (Spectrum Humanistic Therapy)
  • Working with groups (Spectrum Humanistic Therapy)
  • Weekend leader (The Mankind Project)
  • Essentials in Anger Management (British Association of Anger Management - BAAM)


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