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Becky Crepsley-Fox

Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom



About Becky

I am a COSRT registered sexologist and relationship therapist, a MCCP registered Contemporary Psychotherapist, a sexuality embodiment guide and the creator of LustYoga.


As an integrated therapist I use a pluralistic approach when working with clients. I use different techniques and modalities based upon each individual/relationship where we can work together to facilitate change.


Sex and relationship therapy sessions might look like: Sex education, talking therapy or with tasks for you to try at home between sessions - or usually a combination of all three. Psychotherapy sessions might look like: Talking therapy, NLP interventions and trance work.


I am an LGBTQ+ ally and work with GSRD clients. I am knowledgeable and welcome polyamorous and consensual non-monogamous structures as well as being trans, non mainstream orientations and kink friendly.

My work focusses a lot on battling shame and empowering people to find solutions that work for them. I do not believe in a one size fits all approach and work with clients to normalise their experiences on an individual level as well as considering the greater context and how society plays a role in these presenting issues. 


  • Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy (Beeleaf)
  • Diploma in Sexology and Relationship therapy (CICS)


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Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom



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