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My name is Andreia and I have been working as a fully accredited psychotherapist since 2010, after having seen clients as a trainee for 3 years. I like to introduce myself as an existential-integrative psychotherapist as my main training was in existential psychotherapy.

Existential questioning is not some fanciful philosophical talk, but an integral need for self-understanding, an essential tool for engaging with life. As long as we are alive, we are facing existential questions, no matter our level of intelligence or training. Life means existential questioning. However, engaging with this questioning requires paying attention to it and actively and persistently pursuing it. Though it’s natural to us to question life, it’s not necessarily habitual to us to engage fully with this type of questioning.

Existential therapy helps clients to engage more fully with life, to learn to reconnect to self, others and the environment by healing past ruptures and getting more in touch with the regenerative energy which each of us possesses.

Over the years my approach to therapy kept developing and enriching through knowledge from psychoanalytic theories, which helped me understand human beings through a developmental perspective. Narrative therapy and third wave CBT approaches also inspired my way of working with different psychological difficulties.

Since 2015 I've also trained in working with eating disorders.


  • Postgraduate diploma in existential phychotherapy (University of Sheffield )
  • BA (Hons) Philosophy (Bucharest University)
  • MA Existential psychotherapy (University of Sheffiled)






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Hailsham, United Kingdom



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