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Hi there, I hope you are having the best day of your life or striving towards it. However, it's more likely that circumstances are far from ideal, leading you to seek assistance here.

Life is full of challenges and can be difficult at times. You might be facing the meaninglessness of existence and wondering if there is a point or lacking purpose and direction in your life. Maybe you have been feeling low, depressed, and anxious. Your past may still cast long, unresolved shadows over your present, causing sleepless nights. Perhaps you have experienced the end of a significant relationship which could have left your self-esteem and confidence deeply bruised. Maybe you’re facing a combination of these issues - feeling discontent with life's current state or grieving the loss of someone important to you.


The reality is that such experiences shape our relationship with self, influencing how we communicate and the narratives we create and internalise. These, in turn, mould our interactions with others. Life revolves around stories and viewpoints, the tales we share dictate our emotions and actions. These stories can either provide a sense of purpose to our struggles or diminish their significance - all based on our chosen narratives. Listen, you possess the power to frame your life's narrative.


There was a time were things naturally made sense, where there was guidance and, in a way, a “script” to life. Duty and relationships were your compass, and freedom was about making meaningful choices, not just having endless options, or “doing as you pleased”. Now, you might find yourself with more choices than ever before yet feel completely stuck. Despite having all kinds of tools to connect with people far and wide, you might feel a disheartening disconnect. Even in bustling cities filled with people, the sting of isolation and loneliness might feel more present than ever before.


In modern days, although we supposedly have more freedom and time, we often lack motivation and will. There is a need for guidance, focus and direction. You might feel lost and confused and uncertain about life. You might have endless options but not feeling fulfilled or finding them meaningful. We are way more disconnected from ourselves and others.

As your therapist my goal is to walk alongside you on your path to self-discovery and reconnection. I'm here to help you find your footing again, rediscovering your sense of self and purpose. Together, we’ll work on re-establishing your connections with yourself and others. We’ll delve into your unconscious biases and beliefs and confront your existential challenges. I am committed to assisting you in living a more meaningful life, as true to yourself as possible, helping you embrace relationships once again with love and openness.

I approach my work with warmth and empathy, relating to you as a fellow human being. I bring an enhanced understanding of the human condition and psyche, but I don't view myself as an expert or a doctor here to “fix” you because you are not broken. My role is to offer support and encouragement, but it's crucial that you remain in the driver’s seat, steering your own path towards healing and growth.

My approach often centres on the present moment, exploring how you relate to yourself and to me - This exploration can shed light on your patterns in relating to others. I prioritise a process that includes validation and unconditional, radical acceptance. At the same time, I'm dedicated to fostering a genuine relationship that isn't afraid to embrace challenges.


  • BSc (Hons) Counselling (University of East London)




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London, United Kingdom




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