A workplace wellbeing platform that is tailored to your organisation

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to mental health issues. With a network 1,000+ qualified practitioners, we offer a comprehensive solution to help your employees feel their best.

  • Rapid access to specialist support

  • Flexible pricing and scheduling

  • Dedicated account manager

Your Journey

With a wide range of curated support across key areas, your employees can find the perfect combination for their body, mind and lifestyle.

Personalised Matching Service

Our experts leverage AI-powered search to guide each employee to the right specialist

Large & Diverse Network

With over 1,000 specialists, we can provide quick access to highly compatible support

Private & Secure

We value discretion highly and our systems are built to protect your information properly.

How do we augment your team?

Buy bespoke bundles of sessions as and when you need them.
We ensure your investment is spent wisely. Cancel anytime.

What are the key benefits?

Access online and in-person appointments

Dedicated account manager

Rapid access to specialist and tailored support

Simple & cost efficient with no additional fees

Our personalised and holistic approach to mental wellbeing

Case Study: Multiverse

Multiverse originally came through looking to book support for an individual apprentice. Over the following year they referred a growing number of apprentices to our service. Since then, Multiverse have made the therapy and psychiatry support available to all of their apprentices. To learn more about the phenomenal work Multiverse are doing, visit their site here.

“The Augmentive team are quick to respond and provide great recommendations. The specialists have delivered our apprentices with excellent support too.”
Aaron Crudge, Apprentice Support Executive, Multiverse

Meet some of the specialists:

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Recommendation Feed

Take a look at recent recommendations made by clients who accessed support from private specialists via Augmentive.

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Get in touch to explore how we can tailor our curated ecosystem of world-class practitioners to improve your team’s wellbeing and performance.

Phoebe Mackenzie-Smith

Head of Customer Experience

Dr Reena Manghnani

Medical Director

What’s the impact on your organisation?

Figures are estimated and based on UK research

100 employees
colleagues are struggling with some form of mental health issue.
days lost per year due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety.
the annual cost of ill-mental health in the workplace.