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CAT therapy, or Cognitive Analytic Therapy, is a therapeutic approach designed to help you to better understand and manage your emotional and psychological difficulties. It focuses on your everyday thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in order to help you to identify unhelpful patterns and develop more effective coping strategies. CAT therapy aims to promote self-awareness and insight into how past experiences and relationships impact your current functioning in day to day life. It also emphasises collaboration between your therapist and you, working together to create meaningful goals and develop practical solutions. CAT therapy can be helpful for a variety of mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and relationship issues.

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What is cognitive analytic or CAT therapy?

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (sometimes just called CAT or CAT therapy) is a form of talking therapy that focuses on understanding and addressing relationship patterns. It combines elements from many different cognitive and analytic therapy methods into one friendlier and more effective therapy style. CAT therapy is designed to help you gain insight into how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours are influenced by your past experiences and interactions with others. It aims to identify unhelpful patterns, promote self-awareness, and develop more effective coping strategies. By exploring the dynamics of your relationships with others, both past and present, CAT therapy can provide a collaborative and holistic approach to supporting your psychological well-being.

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What happens in CAT therapy?

In a CAT therapy session, the therapist engages in an open and transparent process with you, working to help you identify and analyse problematic procedural sequences, which are chains of events, thoughts, emotions, and motivations that contribute to any psychological difficulties you may have. CAT therapy is usually time-limited, typically lasting 16 to 24 weeks, and progresses through distinct phases. The initial phase, known as reformulation, involves discussing your concerns and establishing how you prefer to interact with your therapist. Subsequent phases then focus on recognising unhelpful patterns, revising them, and ultimately reaching an ending phase where you are confident in using your new tools, insights and directions to better navigate your psychological well-being. This makes CAT therapy a collaborative and highly structured approach to promoting positive change.

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Types of CAT therapy

In the UK, cognitive analytic therapy can be delivered in a few different ways, depending on your specific needs and preferences. This includes individual CAT therapy, where you work one-on-one with a therapist, group CAT therapy, that has you working with a therapist and several other people in a supportive setting, and CAT therapy for couples, which focuses specifically on improving relationship dynamics (a form of couples therapy). There’s also CAT therapy for families, aimed at addressing troubling family dynamics and fostering better communication between family members. Because CAT therapy can also be used to address specific issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, or personality disorders, it is very adaptable and provides a highly personalised approach to support your mental wellbeing.

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Where to get CAT therapy

To receive CAT therapy in the UK, you can seek therapy services from a few different places. One option is ACAT (Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy), which provides a directory of CAT therapists, information on training, events, and research. Some NHS services also offer CAT therapy, although waiting times can be quite long. Private practices like Nightingale Hospital and Harley Therapy in London offer CAT therapy too, or you can easily search and book online for a timely appointment with a qualified and approved CAT therapist right here at Augmentive.

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