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10 Wellbeing gift ideas for Christmas

Written by Sarah Norman

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Dec 15, 2021, 6 min read

The holiday season is a time of overindulgence, celebration with people we love… and panicking as we try to find the perfect gift. We’re all tempted to eat a little more than we need, drink a little more than we should, and exercise a little less than we’d like to. But Christmas is also about looking after the important people in our lives. If you’d like to use your gifts to promote wellbeing in your friends and family this year, we have some fantastic gift ideas for you.

10 gifts to help your loved ones’ wellbeing

1. A weighted blanket

The perfect day starts with a great night’s sleep. Help your loved ones snuggle up with a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are cosy and warm, which is ideal for those cold winter nights. They can also help you relax and improve sleep quality. Perfect for anyone who needs a little extra rest. Where to start: Kuddly from £69, John Lewis from £80 or Mela £275.

2. For the techie and the person looking to up their exercise game, consider a fitness tracker

The Apple Watch

The January gym boom happens every year as we flock to exercise classes or the pool to achieve our New Year’s resolutions. Give your loved ones a head start and encourage healthy, achievable goals by giving them a fitness tracker. Where to start: Apple Watch from £179, Oura ring from £226 or Fitbit from £90.

3. A book of mocktails for the friend planning to take part in dry January

The Seedlip range

Looking after yourself doesn’t have to mean missing out on the things you love. Gift one of these books of mocktail recipes to ensure that your friends can still enjoy all the sophistication of a cocktail evening without the hangover. It’s perfect for anyone planning a Dry January or just those who feel they've overindulged a little over the holiday period. Where to start: Seedlip from £21.99, Pentire from £26.80 or Tanqueray from £14.00.

4. Or a Vegan cookbook for someone planning to do Veganuary

Deliciously Ella's Squash and Mushroom Wellington in the Evening Standard

It’s not just drinks that can benefit from a healthy upgrade over the holidays! Vegan cooking is great for your health and wellbeing, and it’s better for the environment too. Give someone a delicious, healthy start to the new year with one of these vegan cookbooks. Some of our favourites: Vegan JapanEasy by Tim Anderson from £15.89, Quick & Easy by Deliciously Ella from £13 or Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson from £12.71.

5. A poster with an inspirational quote to help them jumpstart every day with good motivation

A Roald Dahl inspired print by WestAndGeneral on Etsy, available here 

We all need the occasional reminder of our potential and how incredible we really are. Making a motivational poster for your loved ones couldn’t be easier. Pick out a nice frame that matches their decor, choose a font, and print out one of these inspiring quotes. West and General sell some fun prints on their Etsy shop from £7.00. You can also get started at Iamfy from £19, Desenio from £7.95 or Posterlounge from £5.95

6. A gratitude journal

You can create a customised gratitude journal at Papier

Being aware of the things we’re grateful for is a valuable way to improve our mental health and our mood. A gratitude journal encourages your loved ones to spend a few moments every day focusing on what is important to them and all the things they have to be grateful for. Where to start: Customisable journal from Papier  for £18.74, Daily gratitude planner pad from Mal Paper £14 or a Serenity 365 reflection journal from Paperchase £6.

7. Some natural beauty products can help with relaxation and pampering

A selection of treats by Neal's Yard Remedies

Natural beauty products can leave you feeling refreshed and wholesome, inside and out. Organic, sustainable brands such as Neals Yard Remedies offer incredible bubble baths, cleansers, and moisturisers that are good for you and the environment. Where to start: Neals Yard Remedies from £10, L'Occitane from £10,  Lush Cosmetics Christmas Hamper £30 or Bramley winter sets from £25.

8. A healthy snack subscription box

Christmas might be the time of snacking, but it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Finding the right snacks can increase your energy levels, improve your workouts, and help you meet any weight loss goals. A healthy snack box subscription lets your loved ones have delicious treats long after the holidays have ended. We like Treat Trunk and Graze! It may also be worth looking at Mindful Chef, Gousto and Hello Fresh for something more substantial.

9. A plant or flower subscription

A beautiful bouquet of British blooms by the lovely Lucy Vail Floristry

Plants and flowers make a space feel homey and relaxing. Particularly in the winter months, it can feel wonderful to bring the outside into our homes.

A flower subscription service, such as Lucy Vail Floristry, Bloom and Wild or Freddie’s Flowers, will send them beautiful flowers throughout the year. They also come with a guide to make arranging their floral gifts a breeze!

10. An experience

Get creative at Studio Pottery London near our offices in Eccleston Yards 

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Sometimes having someone make time for us or help us with something specific can be what we truly need.

Consider ‘gifting’ your loved ones a memorable experience. This could be as simple as a promise to hike together in their favourite forest or an offer to teach them a hobby or skill that you have.

Time is valuable, so pledges such as a weekend of free babysitting or housekeeping can give people you care about the time to indulge themselves on their terms. Get it right by thinking about the little things you could do to make their lives easier. Use that as a starting point to help you create the perfect gift.

Create a beautiful ‘gift certificate’ that you can wrap up and put under the tree for bonus points!

While you’re thinking of others during the holiday season, it’s essential to ensure that your needs are also being met.

However much we may love this time of year, it can undoubtedly be a stressful period as well. If you’re struggling with your mental health, nutrition, or general wellbeing over the next few weeks, we're here to help. We can help you find the right person to empower you quickly, with no fuss. Remember that investing in yourself often leads to better relationships with others, this valuable for both personal and professional development.

Whether you’re feeling off-kilter or want to shake up your routine, our state-of-the-art mental wellbeing platform gives you quick and seamless access to world-class support on your terms, from private psychiatric assessments and reviews to broader mental health care: join us today.

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