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Mental Health: The Future of Shared Care

Written by Kit Norman

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    Jan 21, 2023, 2 min read

    In the UK, the healthcare system is facing a crisis of rising demand for mental health services and a shortage of resources. The traditional model of care, in which patients see a single primary care physician or mental health professional, is no longer sustainable. To meet the needs of patients and improve outcomes, a new model of care is needed: Shared Care.

    Shared Care is a model of healthcare in which patients receive treatment and care from multiple providers, rather than just one primary care physician or facility. This model is particularly useful in situations where patients have chronic mental health conditions that require ongoing management, such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

    Shared Care can involve collaboration between primary care physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and community-based organisations, and is designed to improve patient outcomes and coordinate care. By utilising a team approach, Shared Care allows for more efficient use of resources and better communication between providers.

    One of the key advantages of Shared Care is that it allows patients to receive care from a variety of providers, depending on their individual needs. For example, a patient with depression may receive medication from a primary care physician, talk therapy from a psychologist, and support from a community-based organisation. This multidisciplinary approach can result in better outcomes for patients.

    Shared Care also allows for more continuity of care, which is especially important for patients with chronic mental health conditions. With Shared Care, patients can see the same providers over time, which can lead to better relationships and more effective treatment.

    Shared Care is not without its challenges, however. Coordinating care between multiple providers can be difficult, and there may be barriers to communication and information sharing. Additionally, there may be resistance from providers to adopt the Shared Care model, as it requires a change in the way they practice.

    Despite these challenges, Shared Care is a promising model for the future of mental health care in the UK. By utilising a team approach and coordinating care between multiple providers, Shared Care can improve patient outcomes and make better use of resources. As mental health services continue to be in high demand, it's crucial to explore new models of care such as Shared Care to improve the way we provide care and support to those who need it.

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