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Twickenham, United Kingdom



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I am an experienced psychoanalytic psychotherapist in Twickenham and can support you in exploring the root causes for your difficulties in living. We will talk about early significant relationships in your life and models of thinking, feeling and behaving you may have internalised. In a collaborative process, we try to bring these patterns into awareness. By experimenting with new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving, you may experience a new sense of freedom and new neural pathways are formed.

The initial meeting is an opportunity to get to know each other. We will speak about the difficulties which led you to contact me. I will also ask you questions about your history and your relationships in the past, including your early life. In ongoing sessions, you present whatever feels relevant to you: thoughts, dreams, feelings, events and stories.

My approach is informed by relational psychotherapy and -analysis, attachment and trauma theory, and, among others, by literature on psychosexual issues. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life and have experience working with gender, sex and relationship diverse clients where I adopt an affirmative approach. I am English and German speaking.


  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (UKCP)




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Twickenham, United Kingdom

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